Sep 6, 2015

Chitranna -Easy One Pot Meal

Chitranna (ಚಿತ್ರಾನ್ನ-Kannada) is a simple and a quick rice based dish or one pot meal that can be made easily.With steamed / cooked rice dashed in with aromatic spices in the oggarane /seasoning ,with or without coconut tastes yummy and perfect !!!

Have Fun Preparing these -Spicy or Mild  , Tangy and Tasty.

1. Raw Mango Rice- Maavinkayi Maaja -Tangy and Spicy

2. Just Chitranna - Simple and Easy

3. Kabul Kadle Chitranna -Chana with rice

4. Curry Leaves Chitranna -Karibevu delight

5. Nellikai Chitranna- Gooseberry Rice

6. Coconut Chitranna-Fresh and delicious

7. Kayi Sasive Chitranna - Traditional and Spicy

8.  Nimbe hannu Chitranna-Lemon Rice -the all time favorite

9.  Tamarind Chitranna -Puliyogare

Enjoy this Karnataka Special !!

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