Feb 7, 2013

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Wondering why this blog …well it helps…to have a list always ready.
Am sure you would agree to it !  This blog is a personal blog written and edited by me.

Carpe diem is translated from the Latin as 'seize the day'.  So enjoy everyday in your life in giving your best. Cook at home and eat healthy food and stay fit.Keep smiling and be happy.

Cooking is real fun and trying out stuff for your family is absolute pleasure .
I have been enjoying so far,thanks to my parents and my mom-in-law from whom I have tried to learn the skills.

I feel a recipe is only a theme, which an intelligent cook can play each time with a variation. 
~ Madam Benoit

These words rightly say cooking is an art and blending various spices in cooking is each individual cooks style.Eating is a sacred act.It satisfies,brings us joy and nourishes all at the same time.Connect yourself and Enjoy your cooking while experimenting with various combinations to get that right, unique taste for your loved ones .Give it "your " added personal  touch to each dish you prepare with love.Shower your family with all the love and care as you cook for them.

I hope you like the simple Vegetarian recipes in this blog and even enjoy preparing it!

The Guiding Star:
  1.  Search  the recipe by simply entering the name of the dish,or just the name of vegetable Eg-"Dosa"or Eg "Corn" it will display a list you can choose to make.
  2. Search Recipe  based on  Ingredients  under "Ingredients Search"
  3. Search Recipes by title - "Select and Enjoy" - Drop down list is on the side.
  4. Deciding what to cook,please go through the comprehensive list of recipes and plan your day.Use "Menu Planner" and decide your breakfast or snack for the day.The list of recipes that I learnt from (neighbours, aunts, friends, books, TV) and equally enjoyed cooking too.You can adjust the spices as per your family's taste and preferances.
  5. Use "AKA/अनुवाद/ಅನುವಾದ" for reference.
  6. You can receive the updates in your inbox or in your favorite reader=Subscribe to "Carpe Diem Spicy Eats"   / "Follow Carpe Diem Spicy Eats with Bloglovin"
  7. Have provided English names for various South Indian recipes.These SI recipes will have Madhwa Bangalorean touch to it.
  8. Please do not copy the recipes , in case you want to share it further would love if you could please link to my blog , a nice way to say thanks.Hope you agree!!
  9. Would love to read your comments too! 
  10. My contact email-smita.shrisha@gmail.com
You can try your hand at cooking ,give it your best or make your cook do it for you simple…

Thank you all ! Keep visiting my blog !

Happy Cooking!!! Bon appétit!!

Best regards,

"A recipe has no soul , you as a cook must bring the soul to the recipe" - Thomas Keller 

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