Dec 10, 2013

Tomato Sevai

Tomato Sevai is interesting and quick recipe.The tomato flavor makes the sevai tangy ,tasty and delicious.Vermicelli Upma is a quick and easy South Indian Breakfast recipe.

Tomato Sevai,tangy tasty
Tomato Sevai
  • 1 cup vermicelli
  • 2 tomatoes finely chopped
  • 1 onion finely chopped 
  •  2 tbsp sambar pwd
  •  curry leaves-few
  •  1 tbsp oil
  •  ½ tsp mustard
  •  1 tsp urad dal
  •  1 tsp channa dal
  •  1/2 tsp jeera
  •  Salt -for taste
  •  peanuts-few roasted
  •  Water-as per inst
  •  Hing-pinch
  •  Turmeric-pinch
  • Coconut-2 tsp (opt)

Method: Add little oil in a pan,roast the vermicelli well and keep it aside.Next add oil,fry the peanuts and keep it aside.Next add mustard seeds, followed by urad dal, channa dal ,and jeera,hing,curry leaves,turmeric and sauté well.Now, add onion fry well.Add tomatoes and cook till it becomes mushy .Add the sambar pwd,salt, and mix.Next add the vermicelli and add boiled water.Cook till the water evaporates .Add the fried peanuts and mix well.Garnish with coconut.Serve hot.

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Dec 8, 2013

Sweet Corn Akki Rotti

Sweet Corn Akki Rotti is unique blend of sweet corn with spices in rice flour. Akki Rotti ( Kannada) rice  flour-breakfast speciality of Karnataka.It can be made from different kinds of vegetables added to it.Kids will love this sweet corn special.

Sweet Corn Akki Rotti
Sweet Corn Akki Rotti


Rice flour          1 cup
Sweet corn       1/2 cup steamed
Cilantro leaves  few chopped
Green chillies        7-8(as per taste)
Cumin seeds      1 tsp
Oil                     2tbsp
Salt                   to taste
Water                1 cup 
( as required)
In a bowl mix rice flour with chilies,Cumin /jeera ,coriander leaves,sweet corn and salt.Add warm water, mix well to a soft  dough. Keep covered for 10 mins.Take 1tsp of oil, smear around a tava, take dough and tap and spread around it.
Keep this on medium heat, and after minute ,add oil around sides ,check and once done  it will be ready to be taken out. If you want more crispy leave it of little longer.(to make it more soft you can cover it with a plate on the tava/griddle)

To make another rotti, hold the pan upside down and run cold water all around it, pan will be cool to make another rotti by this time.Serve hot with chutney of your choice and dash of butter.

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Dec 5, 2013

Moong Curry

Moong Curry (Moong aka Hesaru kaalu)  is a healthy nutritious side dish for chapati or rice. Green Gram or Hara Moong is a bean variety used in Indian Homes.This curry is tomato onion based.

Enjoy with Peas Pulao for a complete wholesome lunch !!

Moong Curry,hara Moong Masala,Green moong
Moong Curry

  • Moong – 1 cup
  • (cooked )
  • Tomatoes-1 cup (chopped)
  • Onion-1 cup (chopped)
  • Ginger garlic paste-1/2 tsp
  • Dhani Jeera pwd-1/2 tsp
  • Sambar Pwd-2 tsp 
  • Oil-1-2 tsp
  • Salt-for taste
  • Cumin seeds -1/2 tsp
  • Coriander leaves-few

Method-In a pan,heat oil in a pan, add cumin seeds add onions and sauté well.Next add ginger garlic paste,chillies and fry for 1-2 mins.Next add chopped tomatoes,and fry till mushy.Next add the masala pwds and fry. Add the cooked moong and mix.Add  about 1/2 cup water and stir well.Simmer on low heat for 10-15 mins till the gravy blends well.Serve hot with peas pulao ,or chapati.

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