Jul 30, 2014

Navil Kosu Akki Rotti

Navil Kosu Akki Rotti is a colourful and tasty blend of Navilkosu and carrots  with spices in rice flour. Navil Kosu or Naval kol is known as Kohlrabi in English.Akki Rotti ( Kannada) rice  flour-breakfast speciality of Karnataka.It can be made from different kinds of vegetables added to it.

Navil Kosu Akki Rotti 

Rice flour          2 cups 
NavilKosu          1 cup grated
Carrot                1/2 cup  grated
Cilantro leaves   handful chopped
Coconut            little(opt)
Green chillies        5-6 (as per taste)
Jeera/ Cumin seeds      1 tsp
Oil                     2tbsp
Salt                   to taste
Water              ( as required)
In a bowl mix rice flour with chopped and grated veggies,chilies,Cumin /jeera ,coriander leaves,coconut ,add salt.Add warm water, mix well to a soft  dough. Keep covered for 10 mins.Take 1tsp of oil, smear around a tava, take dough and spread around it.
Keep this on medium heat, cover and after minute ,add oil around sides or so it will be ready to be taken out. If you want more crispy leave it of little longer.

To make another rotti, hold the pan upside down and run cold water all around it, pan will be cool to make another rotti by this time(be careful while running water onto hot vessel, water will start sizzling as soon as it hits the pan).Serve this soft rotti hot with chutney of your choice and dash of butter.

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