Jan 7, 2016

Avarekayi Maaja

Avarekayi or Flat beans / Hyacinth Bean (are available during the winter months in Bangalore.And we can prepare loads of recipes using these beans.These beans are tasty and has a unique flavor.If its December you gotta have Avarekayi. There is also Avarekayi Mela/festival  in Bangalore during the season.

We can add it to Upma, Poha , Akki Rotti or Pongal

Enjoy making these recipes

1. Avarekayi Upittu / Upma

2. Avarekalu sambhar 

3  Avarekai Akki Rotti 

4. Avarekai Avalakki/Poha 

5. Avarekai Pongal

6. Avarekai Soppu Palya

Have fun but ensure you cook it well !!

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