Mar 12, 2013

Kesari Bhath/ Sheera / Sajjige

Kesari Bhath/ Sheera / Sajjige,Indian style Semolina Dessert

Kesari Bhath / Sheera is yummy flavored sweet that can be made in very less time .It is called as Sajjige in Kannada.It is also made during festivals as offering/neivedya/prasad to God.Enjoy this semolina pudding warm.

cup Chiroti rava
1/2 cup Milk
cup Ghee
tbsp Raisins
tsp  Cardamom Powder/1 tsp kesar
cup  Sugar/ Banana
tbsp Cashew nut   
  • Method
  • Roast rava in the ghee till aromatic
  • Add sugar and warm  milk and lower the flame. Add  chopped bananas.Simmer and cover with lid till it blends in. 
  • Add raisins and cardamom powder to garnish.
  • Add fried cashew nuts and  kesar (opt)
  • Enjoy with little ghee on the top.

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