May 24, 2015

Badam Sheera

Badam Sheera is yummy flavored sweet that can be made in very less time Semolina blended with powdered Almond and other flavors make it very delicious. Enjoy this healthy dessert .

Badam Sheera

cup Chiroti rava (semolina or sooji)
 cup Milk
cup Ghee
Few Raisins
cup  Sugar 
Few Cashew nuts/Badam 
2-3 tbsp  Badam /Cardamom Powder (homemade/Mtr)
Crushed Badam pieces

Method -

Roast rava in the ghee till aromatic.

Add sugar and warm  milk and lower the flame. .Simmer and cover with lid till it blends in. Add raisins and cardamom powder ,badam powder mix well.Add fried cashew nut and  kesar .Enjoy with little ghee on the top.

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