Mar 20, 2015

Ugadi / Gudipadwa

  Ugadi is the New Year as per the Hindu Calender. It means starting of a new Yuga or period. This festival normally comes during the month of March or April.People from all over Karnataka and Maharashtra celebrate this festival with much enthusiasm and splendor . In Maharashtra , the festival is known as Gudipadawa.
      People decorate their homes ,front door and puja rooms with flowers, rangoli and Mango leaves.(Toran) . Food, as always occupies an important place in this festival too. Special dishes are prepared and enjoyed by everyone in the family .People go to temples , take blessings from elders. An important part of Ugadi festival in Karnataka is "Bevu Bella" . People eat  jaggery  and neem leaves together in this festival to mark the presence of sweet and sour events in their lives.On the next day of Ugadi people go to temples,wear new clothes.

Enjoy ! Have fun with your family and friends.
Happy Ugadi!!!

May the new year be filled with rich flavors of life !!

Recipes for Ugadi -Mango Rice / Mavinkayi Chitranna,Kosambri,Payasam Rice and Obbattina SaaruObbattu,Beans Palya,Sandige/Hapala /Crisps
Mavinakayi Chitranna


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